Welcome to Dawn’s Dreaming Days…

The Aboriginal oral tradition about mapping journeys in song, the Songlines, speaks very strongly to my love of travel and of creating stories and music. Aborigines also cherish a powerful spiritual idea of going ‘Walkabout’, just taking off on a journey and travelling into the twilight world between sleeping and waking; an echo of the ‘Dream Quest’ or vision-seeking journeys made by Native Americans.

We all need somewhere outside of the everyday to allow our innermost selves space to breathe and grow. This is the place where I will share some of that inner, creative journey with you, and invite you to share some of yours with me. Let’s allow our imaginations to take flight, our hearts to break free of restrictions and our minds to unlock constraints on our thinking and creativity.

Weaving together songs, stories, poems and thoughts, I’d like to build a Tribe of Dreamers in this safe space tucked away amidst the busy, distracting whirl of our daily lives. Join me?


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