Co-incidence or Fate? (The kindness of strangers)

Coincidence or fate? I think this injury to my leg has affected my brain… While I struggle to cope with the physical and emotional fallout of being unable to do my share of boat tasks or be my usual bouncy self, I’m clutching at straws. Anything can take on deeper significance. A particular shape in the clouds, a chance meeting with a stranger. It brings me comfort, a little relief from the everyday drudgery of infirmity. Two days ago when I was at a very low ebb, I walked with one of my dogs, Bonny, until my leg was swollen and sore and finally sat down at a street cafe, on the verge of tears. Two young women were chatting on the next table and I was drawn into the conversation, particularly with one of them. She turned out to be a singer, like me, and her name is Aurora – Dawn in Portuguese. Her middle name turned out to be Christina, my mother’s name. This chance meeting, the kindness of strangers, and these tenuous connections cheered me up, and after a song, a beer and a giggle, I went on my way with a little more spring in my step.   

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