Your toothless smile, round eye’d wonder, bright new world,

Your tender wisps of hair, tiny fist of perfect fingers, unfurled;

Your crab-like gait, dizzy crawl towards freedom,

Your drunken swagger tip-toe, first steps, uneven;

Your brave shoulders squared, new school bag, day one,

Your red bottom lip trembling, bid sad farewell to Mum;

Your delicate skin erupting, hormones a-go-go,

Your battle for independence, shrieking, ‘I won’t! No! No!’

Your proud chin forward, face determined, set to future,

Your shrug, you leave, hearth and home no longer suits you;

Your love-lit face, he’s the one, tender illuminated eyes,

Your body embracing motherhood, recapture family ties;

All these moments mark the passage of your time,

From sweet babe in arms to woman, but none of them mine.

Dawn Maria Kelly

5 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Will you be my ghost writer I have s great story to tell about my life it would be seller and than movie rights

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