Flight changes, delays, security hold-ups – we had it all! But the wonderful thing was that our guitars were welcome everywhere and we had no trouble taking them as hand baggage onto all of our flights. Because I’m a bit ( a lot) of a neo-hippy, I loved the seat number we were allocated on the transatlantic flight – 22!!! But it didn’t save us from all the traumas, so we had to had to resort to alcohol…

Joshua Odine – fabulous sound – look him up!!!

Jetlag has eaten into our first few days, but hasn’t stopped Neil going off on a wandering/drinking/meeting new friends adventure (and amazingly, finding his way home at 4am) while I had a ‘nap’ that lasted 10 hours hahaha… Yesterday, we went along to an eclectic little venue in trendy East Nashville (where we’re staying) called the Bowery Vaults and joined a talented bunch of songwriters sharing their wares. Have to report that our first outing of “Nashville” here in Nashville went down a storm… I’ll post a snippet of the the video soon 🙂

We’re lucky to have a beautiful, comfortable apartment all to ourselves within throwing distance of Downtown where we’ve already started to work on new songs. Nearby, the infamous Sky Blue Cafe serves killer breakfasts, brunches and lunches – you have to queue to get in! Our Host, Kristina, has been so welcoming and took us on a tour of all the key places of interest. Now, we have to go exploring ourselves…We’ll be reporting back soon on our next musical adventures – and our expeditions!!!

Live at the Bowery Vaults 4/8/19


5 thoughts on “The story begins… We play Nashville!

  1. Well done you two. Great to hear that you have played in the town already. Have fun and good music 🎶. M x

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