fullsizeoutput_6cf0-1.jpegUPDATE: Live shows (more tbc) – Bowery Vault Friday 12th April 5pm; Radio Cafe Thurs 18th 7pm

We’re still only a few days into our visit to Nashville and already me and Neil are feeling like we’ve always been here… The town is just steeped in music, musicians and music-making. You can’t talk to someone in a bar or walk through Downtown – or anywhere else – without finding yourself in the company of kindred spirits. Everyone we’ve met so far has been overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming, and you never know who you’re talking to! Neil enjoyed the company of a fellow drinker at one of our local bars and found he was talking to Steve Forrest who played drums with Brit rockers Placebo and now has his own band the AOKs (www.steveforrestmusic.com). I met up with a talented fiddle player, Diana from Moxi Strings (https://themoxiestrings.com) who often plays in Ireland and then enjoyed trading some Blarney with her partner, Galwayman Dave from We Banjo 3 (http://webanjo3.com) who can also be found touring Ireland. He pointed us in the direction of some more interesting music venues so we’re off to try one out tonight…

“Manifest Destiny”, Nashville locals, stopping us to have a jam in Broadway 🙂

Downtown is a chaotic, colourful sensory overload of a place – country music, bluegrass and rock spilling out onto the streets where dedicated party-goers drink and dance their way from bar to bar. Can’t help but think my neices and their pals – the Kelly Twins Posse – would lap this up!! Having said that, Nashville is also a beautiful green city and the riverside area is a tranquil haven away from the hustle and bustle. This coming week we’re planning on getting out to play at a few more venues around town and then maybe use a rental car for a bit of sightseeing – up til now we’ve been taking shared local cabs, because it would be a shame to let too much driving interfere with our drinking!!! We’ve also been working on a new song and will post an early version on here soon. In the meantime, here’s a snippet of our first live performance of our song “Nashville” – complete with appreciative audience – in Nashville!!! Thanks to Vero and Emily at the Bowery Vault for having us 🙂  https://www.facebook.com/theboweryvault/  You can catch us doing a set there Friday 12th April, 5pm – check out their FB page for details. 

If you haven’t visited already, you can find out more about us and our music at http://www.facebook.com/dawnkellyandNeilBailey

Our new single “Cowboys and Indians” is out now on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify etc… You can watch the video here:     Cowboys and Indians (Playing Indian) Dawn Kelly & Neil Bailey’s MAGPIE22

3 thoughts on “Music, Mahem… and Boots!

  1. It’s absoltely wonderful following your fabulous adventure, keep it going.. if you’ve any strength left ! xx

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