Bowery VaultIn the beginning there was music… and then… there was more music! Tonight we play our first full set of songs at the Bowery Vault in East Nashville and again at the Radio Cafe next Thursday. Our days are shaped around lounging in our apartment, guitars on laps, either practising our current songs, introducing new ones to our set, or playing with ideas until something promising starts to emerge. Then, we’ve been out playing live when we can (although I’ve been a bit poorly for a couple of days so had to take it easy) or dropping into different venues and listening to more songwriters and bands. IMG_5861Every type of music is on offer from country and bluegrass to jazz, rock to traditional – last night I was charmed by the ‘Contra’ band playing gentle dance tunes in the cafe of the beautiful Frist Gallery, where I went to see the stark and moving images of photographer Dorothea Lange. I loved this quote from when she told her mother she wanted to be a photographer:  “she said, ‘You have to have something to fall back on’…I didn’t want something to fall back on; I knew it was dangerous to have something to fall back on.”  I also loved getting up close to some paintings by Monet and Renoir, on loan to the gallery, like all the collections at the Frisk, a beautiful art deco former main post office. Meanwhile, Neil was  playing his guitar, visiting the local ale houses and shooting the breeze with the locals – mostly musicians!!!


We’ve met so many lovely, welcoming people, including our airbnb host Kristina (, and seen some fantastic musicians. Can’t wait to get out there and experience more of Nashville. Here are some of my favourites so far – I’ll post a few snippets of their songs when I get a minute… To be going on with, here’s our absolute favourite, Sage Cole and a bit of him and Neil jamming 🙂

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