IMG_1288Where to begin? This city lives and breathes music, but is also a beautiful place, filled with so many friendly, outgoing people. This weekend Nashville hosted The NFL draft, where American Football Teams get to pick their new players. This is a huge festival of IMG_7296sports fans and music – an estimated 200,000 extra people came to join the fun. Big music stars closed each of the evenings and a second stage hosted some great artists. I’m now in love with Striking Matches ( and the blistering guitar work of Sarah Zimmerman – go listen!! They wrote lots of songs for the tv series “Nashville”…

My only regret since being here is that I didn’t get to make a live  ‘Treehouse Sessions’ video with Adam Dobkin ( because the new song we wanted to do required the sweeter, purer end of my vocal range, which hay fever has killed!!! Nashville is an allergy capitol and lots of people we’ve met agree that there’s a perfect storm of pollen etc here – I’m a first-timer for this kind of response, but I now understand the kind of mayhem and discomfort allergies can cause. However, it’s official, Neil Bailey is now a “Guitar God, Man!!!” – we were stopped in the street to be told this by someone who’s been following us, and a fashion icon “Love your look, Man, head to toe, Dude”. That head probably won’t fit through plane door now!

A small consolation is that Neil and I will be last on the bill at tonight’s songwriter’s session at the Bluebird. It’s pure luck we’re getting to play again, so I’m hoping I can manage some of our more raucous songs. I definitely have a touch of ‘crow’ in my voice!! Tick lock, tick tock, the days are counting down to our return to the UK….. sigh…..

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