The Twilight Zone…

Somewhere in the airspace between Nashville, Tennessee and Bristol in the UK I seem to have lost the will to do anything other than turn around and land in Nashville again. It’s been lovely catching up with family and close friends but my mind keeps drifting back to the big, beating, musical heart that is known as “Music City” . I haven’t even managed to do the extended ‘summary’ blog I had planned because trawling through photos and videos made me feel homesick- for Nashville!! So, instead, until I land properly here in the UK, here are a few snippets to be going on with… and the good news is we’re booking radio interviews and some shows here in England… baby steps! We recorded guitar and vocals on our song ‘Arizona’ in Nashville, and now we’re back, our percussionist Jack will be adding some much needed rhythm- our first transatlantic single – by Magpie22 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone…

  1. I’m left feeling a bit confused by your post Dawn, ( i know that’s very hard for you to imagine ) but you do say that you recorded “Arizona” in Nashville, but Nashville is in Tennessee, is there an “Arizona” in Nashville, who knows ? Anyway, glad you’re back alive and kicking, try not to let the mind wander too much, you can see what that has done to me ! xx!

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