IMG_E9275My latest novel, Laura’s List has just been published in paperback and as an ebook. I was inspired to write it by hearing a story about my husband’s former wife, who discussed with a friend which women might be right for him after she was gone (she died of cancer). My story is a fictional account of a man learning to come to terms with loss while trying to care for his young daughter, and at the same time, building bridges with his estranged family in Ireland. My last novel was a salacious piece of erotica (which helped to fund my literary studies) and my next is likely to be an american indian/wild west themed novel exploring myths of cowboys and indians… I think I’m unlikely to be pigeon-holed as a writer, duty-bound to produce work in the same genre, so apologies if you think you’d like something similar! As a musician, I’m still experimenting with different styles and fusions of music, so although I started out in rock bands and then in world music collaborations, I’m currently enjoying pared back, folksy songwriting with strong melodies, harmonies and warm, earthy contributions from an eclectic bunch of musicians.

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